Good Projector For Home - Experience the Zenbility Z1 Model
Portable Powerhouse

z1 model


Compatible with all devices

Take your favorite videos from your phone, laptop or tablet and display them in large detail.

Widecreen 16:9 display

Comfortable widescreen display that provides the best viewing experience for movies.


Expandable range of 3-16 feet

From small projections to large presentations, adjust to your desired distance and height.

1500 lumens brightness

Equipped with a lasting bright bulb, you can be sure your projections will shine.

At home

Enjoy movie nights on an open wall anywhere in your home

Sit back and relax with a big screen in the comfort of your own home. Project onto any open wall or even the ceiling when laying down. Perfect for the kids and hosting superbowl parties.

Compatible with your laptop so you can access all your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other streaming services.
At Work

Present your ideas and visions with brilliant clarity

Your perfect travel accessory for workshops, conferences, trade shows, and much more. Bring your visions to life on the big screen as you captivate the audience with your ideas.

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A perfect tool for work, home or outdoors. Start enjoying your favorite games, movies and presentations today!

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